38th Norwich Brownies

We Discover, We Grow

Dates to Remember



Church Parade Dates for 2019


Upcoming Residentials 

    • Pack Holiday 2019 Friday 24th - Sunday 26th May
    • Pack Holiday 2020 Friday 24th - 26th July
    • Pack Holiday 2021 - TBC


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    If you do not currently attend Brownies you will need to Register your daughter


    However if your daughter currently attend Brownies, It is really important that you start to think about the next stage in your daughters Guiding journey as many units have long waiting lists.


    If you would like your daughter to attend Guides then you will need to put her down on the Guides Waiting list ASAP.

    Currently there is only 1 Guide unit in Earlham District


    * 4th Norwich Guides meet on a  Thursday


    * The next nearest Guides unit is Guides in Eaton District Wednesday


     You will need your daughters membership number for her to be added onto the waiting list so please ask Brown Owl if your unsure of your daughters membership number

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