38th Norwich Brownies

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Church Parade Dates for 2019


Upcoming Residentials 

    • Pack Holiday 2019 Friday 24th - Sunday 26th May
    • Pack Holiday 2020 Friday 24th - 26th July
    • Pack Holiday 2021 - TBC



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    When your daughter is new to the unit she will be known as an 'owl-let' .During her time as an Owl-let she will work her way through her 'Becoming a Brownie' Book and she will be given a Brownie Buddy to help settle her in and work through her book.

    A leader will also start to speak to her about her promise ceremony in which she will be required to make her Brownie Promise and Brownie Law. This is a ceremony we hold when your daughter is ready to join and you will be invited to join in the ceremony.

    Once she has made her promise at her promise ceremony she will officially become a 'Brownie' and as part of the promise ceremony will be twisted and turned and be presented tot the unit as a new brownie. 

    At your daughters ceremony she will be presented with various badges which are required to be sewn onto her sash.


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